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BEA Car Repairing Workshop Dubai Garage Service

engine repair dubai

Sometimes in your car’s life, it will need an engine repair job. Before deciding on the work, our technicians will perform a diagnostic check. Depending on the results, our team will tear down the engine, replace assemblies, plus install other necessary parts to have your car running smoothly again.

Because it’s cheaper to replace defective car parts or a worn engine than to purchase another vehicle the staff will start with the diagnostics of your car. This is so we can give a fair estimate. The mechanics are equipped to handle problems with your gearbox, complete a transmission oil flush, fluid converters repair, and more.

car repair dubai

The technical side of tuning a car means fine-tuning the engine to superior performance. If you require changes to the vehicle’s dynamics, our experts will replace parts and systems, so you speed up at exceptional high-speed rates.

Your car goes on our brake diagnostic systems before any work begins. Next, we can replace bad brakes on the front and back, lube supporting components, replace worn hoses and brake fluids. Our brake specialists know the importance of ABS sensors, so for your safety, they check those.

Don’t take a simple procedure such as an oil change for granted. Pull your car in and have our specialists do a complete checkup of your car’s tires, hoses, filters, belts, and more regularly. We can help you choose the best products for your specific make and model of car.

When your warning lights come on, you should be coming to us. We will check the car’s computer to track the problem. If it indicates the trouble for a particular device or system, we will complete an estimate to repair your vehicle covering what we’ll do and how much it should cost you.

Why choose us?
We're leaders in the car care industry not only because we care about our customers, but because we're a team. Between the front office to the garage, you're in-the-know. We're transparent when it relates to pricing, engine diagnostic services, transmission and engine repair, brake pads, and more.

As a collective, there are over 20 years of experience under the hood of your car. Our certified technicians and customer care agents are passionate about their positions and it shows.

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About company
Our car repair workshop in Dubai is locally owned and operated. We work diligently to bloom where planted and to maintain the fellowship we have in the community. People trust us with the loves of their lives and we don't take the responsibility lightly. We vow to always provide each driver with more than satisfactory work and give them the best solutions for their car care needs at a competitive price.
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Visit our garage at 8, 12th Street, Al Quoz, Dubai or call us +9710567828335 to schedule an appointment or to get immediate advice from our specialists.

Auto Repair Service in Dubai

  • Auto Repair Dubai is one of the leading car repair services in Dubai because we get involved with the care of your motor vehicle. The difference between Auto Repair Dubai and other repair services in the city is we know the importance of a working and safe vehicle. We offer nothing but top-quality to our customers. Choose from champion products and car repair services.
  • Auto Repair offers a full range of garage services from diagnostics to brake replacement to car engine repairs and it all comes with a guarantee. If that’s not a good deal, check out our exclusive paint service, tire install, and gearbox and suspension repair. The best part is we specialize in American cars, but have full knowledge of European, German, Italian, and Japanese makes and models.

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Auto Electrician
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Senior Auto Painter
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Senior Mechanic
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