Auto Body Repair Dubai

If experience in auto body repair is what you’re searching for, the auto body painters and body repair specialists at Auto Repair Dubai have it. We have a well-thought-of reputation for repairing some of the most ambitious damages. The service center has a history of restoring wrecked vehicles to factory design at an affordable cost. What do we do?

We take care of all of the details, whether the damage is a catastrophe, a small dent or rust damage. It’s unfortunate, but rust travels fast and even takes away from the appearance of the car. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter the make, year or model of the car, the rustic scratches reduce the value of the vehicle. To bring back your vehicle to its original condition, we will:

  • Weld, replace front/rear panels
  • Wings, roof, front/rear doors
  • Polish the body of your car
  • Remove scratches
  • Treat with an anti-corrosion
  • Repair plastic parts

As our customer, you’ll receive the VIP treatment. We install nothing but the best equipment and highest-quality products for you car to ensure the repair meets your satisfaction.  Still, we know you have questions. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions and answers for your convenience.


How much will a car bumper repair cost?

There are many factors which will influence the cost to have a bumper repaired, but it will depend on the extent of the damage.

How much does it cost to fix a bumper scratch?

The repair cost of a mild scratch can vary from $100 to $2000. It depends mainly on the severity of the bumper scratch.

How long does auto body repair take?

Pinning down a number of hours or days is difficult, however, it’s safe to say a small repair will only take hours to complete. On the other hand, it could as long as a week or more.

How much does collision repair cost?

Again, it’s difficult to tell exactly the price of auto body repair. If the damage is small, repairs won’t be as high. But if the dent repair is significant, likely the bill will not be cheap.

We offer a comprehensive inspection and estimate, total auto body, collision repair, and glass repair services. Our service center in Al Quoz takes care of everything so you get your car back and in pre-acident shape fast. Call us and get your life back on the road again: 056 7828 335.