Auto Full Body Repair Dubai

We are a company BEA auto body repair auto body paint workshop that makes everything easier for the customer. Our aim is to make your experience with us completely stress free,maximum stage of repairs at the maximum competitive costs. We assure excellent work via experts and there are huge savings, car body repair services including replacements for glass, headlamps, repeaters, fog lights and grilles. they also provide maintenance on tailgates, damaged roofing, rear and front bumpers, doors, wings, bonnets and wheels, catering for all situations on broken car bodywork in dubai, so when you have harm for your vehicle and need a paint touch up or even breathe new existence into your bodywork then supply us a name we’re going to give you a quote earlier than we begin the task

Auto Body Repair Car Paint Service Dubai


  • Dents
  • Body Paint
  • Guges and Scrapes
  • Broken Lights
  • Auto Body Scratches Repair
  • Minor Body Damage Repair
  • Bumper Repair Service
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Car Paint & Body Repair
  • Machine Polishing Service
  • Bumper & Exterior Trim Repairs
  • Small Dents, Dings & Creases Repair
  • Surface Marks and Scratches
  • Best Quality Car Body Paint & Auto Body Repair Dubai

    • Scrapes & Scuffs from Small Collisions
    • Stone Chips & Flaking Paint Surfaces
    • Colour Coding
    • Vandal Scratches & Paint Chips
    • Paint less Dent Removal
    • Full Body Paint
    • Accident Repairs
    • Alloy Wheel Paint

Auto Body and Paint Dubai

At BEA,s unique auto paint repair system, we can carry out complete car body repairs such as bumper scuffs, car scratch repairs, car dent repairs and kerbed alloy wheels without re-painting the entire panel or wheel; which means you can now repair minor damage to your car

We can provide every type of car body repair. We provide repairs from minor bumper scuffs and simple paintless dent repairs to full body panel replacements and car resprays. With our car body shop being based in Dubai, we are ideally suited to accommodate clients from JBR, JLT Cluster , Marina Dubai and the surrounding Dubai areas