Auto Repair Dubai Announces Partnership With


We are pleased to announce a partnership with a Dubai-based online car rental service provider As an established car repair company based in the city, Auto Repair Dubai are excited about this new, long-term collaboration.

Our partners at will require regular car maintenance to facilitate the large increase in vehicle requirements from numerous car rental companies. We hope this will boost business growth and become a mutually beneficial partnership. Auto Repair Dubai’s expertise in car servicing, repairs, diagnosis, and maintenance will provide with a trusted and reliable partner.

The platform brings together rental cars from dozens of car rental companies across Dubai. Agents and general users can browse through a wide selection of rental cars from different car rental companies in the area.

They can then view car specifications, compare prices, view terms and conditions, and see professional photographs. Reservations and cancellations can be done at the press of a button. It is quick, easy, and hassle-free.

Besides, the platform also incorporates a mobile app called Renty Agent. This application is aimed at car rental agents who work with rental companies. Users can compare car details while on the move, view terms and conditions, and reserve or cancel a vehicle without telephoning or e-mail each individual rental firm.

We are very pleased to be a part of’s latest innovation and hope to bring our car repair and maintenance expertise to many more customers across the Dubai area. We hope this will fuel business growth and look forward to many more exciting partnerships in the years to come.


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