ECU Remapping/Chip Tuning Dubai

Is you car using too much fuel? Get a free emissions check – Get Fuel Savings of up to 15%
Remapping Service – Did you have your car remapped by a mobile or garage installer? Get it checked out on our advanced technology rolling road to verify that you are getting the Brake Horse Power (bhp) you paid for and ensure that your engine is not being damaged!

Rest assured, when you bring your car to BEA Complete Auto Care for an engine repair or any other service, it will be fixed right the first time — we guarantee it.

Engine Repair Service Dubai


  • Remapping /chipping
  • EGR Deletion 
  • DPF Cleaning & Solutions
  • Crypton Tuning on all Classics / carbureted vehicles
  • Economy Tuning on all Cars, 4X4 and Vans
  • Rolling Road Power Testing
  • Full Diagnostics on all makes and models
  • ABS Faults
  • Airbag Faults
  • Comfort System Faults
  • Servicing (MOTs available)
  • Brakes
  • Exhausts
    • Restore performance of fuel system
    • 3-step removal of carbon deposits on the fuel injectors
    • 12,000-mile/12-month warranty*


No hardware is changed in your car – all modern cars have an Engine Control Unit (or ECU) – a computer which controls everything that happens in your engine – the ignition timing, how much fuel and air are mixed together, when the turbo kicks in and so on. All these settings are stored as maps within the ECU. We plug our equipment into your car’s ECU, read the maps that are already stored on it, use our software to find the optimal settings for your car,

Is remapping the same as chipping?
Chipping is actually an older method of doing the same thing. Chipping involves physically removing the main microchip from the ECU, and replacing it with a modified chip. Because it involves opening the ECU, this process invariably invalidates your warranty. Our method means we can leave the ECU in place, and just put the new settings onto it.