Oil Change Service in Dubai

Our technicians are experts in oil change. To help maintain your vehicle’s good health, they continue to equip themselves with new technology and offer the latest developments in the car care industry.

For a vehicle to run smoothly, it depends on oil to lube its components. Without it, the owner risks doing damage to the car engine. Some car warranties may require the owner to pull their car in and get a fresh oil treatment routinely. Not only is oil replacement important, but the kind of oil used is equally relevant. The good news is Auto Repair Dubai only uses the finest oils for your vehicle, and not the cheap stuff.

Ask the Experts

  • What does the oil do in your car? Always ensure your car is running on the proper levels of engine oil so it runs smoothly longer.
  • When is it time to change the oil? It’s time to change the oil when the dashboard light comes on, or when your car shows signs of being sluggish.
  • How often should you check the oil level? If you own a car, check fluids once each month. Check the space underneath the car for leaks and the color of your oil. Remember, oil is clear, so if the oil is cloudy, schedule an oil change.
  • How often should you change the oil? Years ago, it was customary to bring your car in for an oil change either every 3,000 miles, or every three months. In reality, whichever came first. Now, car care specialists are suggesting car engines can take owners a little further.
  • How to choose the right oil for your car? Although the manual will tell you the right oil to use, there’s a science to choosing the right oil. Determining the right oil depends on the mileage, whether it’s a new car vs an older model, the season and the temperature or climate. During cold weather months, most manufacturers suggest using a 5W oil, however, in normal conditions, most cars take 10W-30. It shouldn’t be too thick or thin. If it’s too thick, it will be harder to start your vehicle.
  • What is the oil filter? The oil filter is there to prevent and remove unwanted materials from reaching the engine, transmission, or hydraulic oils.  
  • How often should you change the oil filter? The rule of thumb is to change your oil filter each time you change the oil.


Consider us the next time your car exceeds the maximum miles driven for an oil change.  It’s a small investment which saves you money in the long haul. Book an appointment for our premium oil change service now: 056 7828 335.