Car Engine Repair in Dubai

The engine is plainly the most significant part of a vehicle, and it could cost the most to repair or replace. Our team of expert auto technicians will offer an analysis and make a full repair of the engine’s assembly. For years, the people of Dubai have been trusting our specialists to either replace or repair worn parts, make a complete repair of the engine’s assembly and test the engine for adaptability.

You can avoid the cost of engine repair with routine maintenance and timely oil changes.  While many people would rather repair the engine than buy a new car, some forget to check the engine oil. It’s only when they hear knocks do they remember and it’s unfortunate, but a knocking engine is not a healthy one. This is why if you hear engine noises, you should bring your car in for a diagnostics check right away.

Our engine repair includes computer diagnostics, disassembly of the engine and restoring its components, making adjustments, and labor. To help you know more about your car and engine repair, here are a few of the most frequently asked questions.

How much does engine repair cost?

Engine repairs can be extravagant. You can save thousands with a warranty or an extended warranty for your vehicle. Typically, engine repair is between $2,000 and $4,000.

Is it cheaper to rebuild or buy a new engine?

A rebuilt engine means taking apart an engine and cleaning it. Sometimes, you can have one rebuilt for cheap, other times, it’s best to buy new. It depends on the auto repair shop, year, make, and model of the vehicle.

Is a rebuilt engine as good as a new engine?

A rebuilt engine could be as good, especially if it retains the original warranty.

Does getting a new engine reset the mileage?

Typically, you don’t reset the odometer, but keep a record of the miles on the new engine.

When the check engine light comes on, your car is trying to tell you something. This is only one reason to have a diagnostic ran. Allow us to test your vehicle. You won’t find a better offer. We guarantee our team will bring back your car to normal. The service center is conveniently located at Al Quoz. Stop by to see us today: 056 7828 335.