Car Transmission Repair in Dubai

We expect new car parts to last a long time no matter the brand or manufacturer, however, not even the latest models are exempt from having faulty transmissions or other defective components. When you’re in need of transmission repair in Dubai, bring your car to us. We have decades of experience and will gladly service your auto needs.

How do you know it’s a problem with the transmission? One of the warning signs you may need transmission repair is leakage. The easiest way to check for cracks or leaks is to notice the spaces where you park your vehicle. You’ll could also hear loud noises coming from underneath the hood of the car.

Nonetheless, our technicians will run a diagnostic scan and prepare an estimate. You shouldn’t hear clunks while shifting gears, but there are other signs trouble is ahead. See more signs in some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about car transmission repair:

What are the most common signs of transmission problems?

  • Burnt smell or leaks under the hood or on dipstick
  • Shifting delays/difficult to shift auto
  • Clunking/screeching noises


Should I rebuild or replace my transmission?

Since transmission repair can cost a pretty penny, many people fix the problem instead of replacing it. If you have minor issues, the best offer may be to repair the vehicle. On the other hand, if you have more than a few problems, you may want to rebuild or replace the transmission.

Why is it important to change transmission fluid?

The transmission fluid is as important to the vehicle as oil. It helps the car run smoothly. Over time, the lubricant wears down, losing it ability to do its job. This puts your gears and torque in danger of failing.

What’s the best way to protect the car’s transmission?

Take care of your vehicle by using the fluids manufacturers suggest (avoid brands just because they are cheap), never change gears while the car is still in motion, and give your car time to warm up, especially during the cold weather months, before driving it. It’s also important to inspect strange odors and colors in a timely fashion to head off any problems these indicators may imply.

Above all, your goal is to stop preventable damage to your vehicle. With this in mind, you should allow us to take care of your car transmission repair needs. Call for an appointment or stop by the service center in Al Quoz: 056 7828 335.